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PCB capablity Layer: 1--20
Max.baord size: 640mm*1200mm
Copper thickness: 0.5OZ-30OZ
Board thickness: Double side:0.2mm--6.0mm
4L: 0.4mm-8.0mm 6L: 0.8mm-8.0mm
8L: 1.0mm-8.0mm 10L: 1.2mm-8.0mm
12L: 1.5mm-8.0mm 14L: 1.5mm-8.0mm
16L: 1.6mm-8.0mm 18L: 2.2mm-8.0mm
20L: 2.4mm-8.0mm
Min.line space/width:3mil/3mil
Min. hole size: 0.2mm
Aspect ratio:10:1
Impedance control: +/-10%
Surface treatment: HASL;HASL with Pb free
Immersion Gold; Immersion Tin; Immersion Silver
Gold Finger; Flash Gold; OSP
Material: FR4 Tg130/Tg170℃, copper,aluminium,ceramics

PCB Assemblies Services
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)  
Through Hole Circuit Boards (PTH) 
Mixed Technology PCB
Functional Testing 
Box Build; Full Assemblies 
BGAs and CCGAs  
Micro and Fine Pitch BGAs  
SMT 24" x 30"for press fit Backplanes
CGA's to 1.0mm PBGA's,
uBGA's CSP,s to 0.5mm 
leaded parts to 0.3 mm 
chips and discretes to 0402 
Automatic wave solder 18" max board width *__ length 
Selective soldering capabilities - no board size limitation

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